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Behind the scenes filming Trophy Fish Hunter

August 24, 2018

Trophy Fish Hunter is coming to CBS Sports in early 2019. Filming for the new season is underway. New hosts Jay Madden and Scott Head joined up with Capt. Harold Dworaczyk and Capt. Cody Spencer at Bay Flats Lodge to film two new episodes this week.

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How can a Texas fishing company be BIG and small at the same time?

June 21, 2018

There are big and small companies at ICAST this year. Ever since Trophy Technology began operating in 2003 we have been both big and small. We see no conflict in this. Last year Trophy Technology shifted ownership. We’re a family-run business that is proud to be part of a worldwide network of retailers, dealers, distributors,…

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Jason Lambert wins 2018 FLW Tour at Kentucky Lake

May 21, 2018

His primary lure was a Castaic Baits Jerky J (5 and 7 inch) fished on a 1-ounce Scrounger-style jighead. He says the bill on the original Scrounger was made with a very specific type of plastic, and it’s difficult to find because it’s no longer being used to make commercially available heads. He’s having his…

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Find your state’s free fishing weekend

April 13, 2018

License-free fishing days are available in many states across the United States. These are great days to bring kids, a date, or friends on their first fishing trip. Connect with nature, enjoy family and friends, and all without the slight hassle of getting a game license.

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Bass Dr. S4E11: The Day After FLW Win

March 19, 2018

In this episode of the Bass Dr., Jason fishes with Patterson Lee, Director of Marketing for FLW. Filmed the day after Jason’s FLW win at Kentucky Lake with 29 pounds of bass. Returning back to the same spots he fished the day before, Jason Lambert shows you the same techniques, technology, and baits he used…

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Bass Dr. S4E8: Drop shots on brown bass

February 28, 2018

Jason Lambert joins Kyle Wood on Millie Lacs Lake in Minnesota. Smallmouth in Minnesota in the winter and summer fish deep. At 11-12 miles and 13 miles long, and relatively deep in the middle, it’s a big deep huge lake full of giant smallmouth. Filmed at a time in June when many smallmouth in Minnesota…

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