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Bass Dr. S4E7: South Florida Peacock Bass Fishing

February 19, 2018

The Bass Dr. heads to south Florida with Frank Carbone of Hawghunter Guide Service for peacock bass. Peacock Bass are some of the most beautiful 2-5 pound fish with a love of the hot summer sun. Like a largemouth, their whole body is rectangular and solid. Every fish has a unique set of stripes, colors,…

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Bass Dr. S4E6: Fishing with Boyd Duckett on Lake Guntersville, AL

February 12, 2018

The Bass Dr., Jason Lambert, joins Boyd Duckett on Lake Guntersville in the fall. They’re after big largemouth bass with medium diving crankbaits. This episode features the BD Crankbait, the BD Swimbait, and Bulldawg Rods. If you’re looking for a weekend to get away for no licensing fees, check out this list of state-by-state free…

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Bass Dr. S4E5: Lake Berryessa with Travis Moran

February 5, 2018

Lucky Tackle Box Pro Travis Moran joins Jason Lambert at Lake Berryessa in California. Using Castaic A-Rigs, see how their technique produces multiple catches of three different species of bass. Lake Berryessa is known for trophy fish in smallmouth, largemouth, and spotted bass species — and a first for the Bass Dr.: a rainbow trout….

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Bass Dr. S4E4: BD Swimbaits on Guntersville

February 1, 2018

Jason Lambert any Boyd Duckett return to Guntersville, Alabama to fish the BD 4.5 crankbait in hardbait and softbait models. Guntersville is unique in the fall because of the heavy concentration of grass. What isn’t unique is the migrating shad. Every lure used is designed to imitate shad.

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Bass Dr. S4E2: Lake Guntersville with Boyd Duckett

January 10, 2018

Lake Guntersville is about 70,000 acres, about 70 miles from dam to dam, and features a ton of areas to fish. In this episode, Boyd Duckett and Jason Lambert head out for grass-drains to find large bass. This episode features the BD Swimbait in Gizzard Shad

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The Bass Dr., S4E1: Minnesota Largemouth

January 9, 2018

We’re largemouth fishing in the great white north. Minnesota has a pile of lakes, and they’re all very close and full of fish. From the time the ice goes off and the ice goes on, you can catch any fish with a frog. One of the coolest things about frog fishing is you don’t ever…

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The Bass Dr., Jason Lambert, returns this Sunday on CBS Sports

January 6, 2018

The Bass Dr., Jason Lambert, returns January 7th for its fourth season. This year brings new guests, locations, baits, and a new network. CBS Sports will air a new episode each Sunday through April 1, 2018. Each episode starts at 7:30 am EST. “We’re excited about the 2018 season of the Bass Dr. We traveled…

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