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Get deep-diving, shallow, and lipless crankbaits and catch more bass

Crankbaits from Castaic and Reaction Strike help you catch those hard-to-catch fish. Crankbaits work by diving underwater and staying submerged while you reel ’em back in.

You can also get more out of your crankbaits with advanced techniques like twitching, bouncing them off rocks and debris, and simulating panicked bait.

The most popular hardbody plastic crankbaits

Use any of these popular lures to catch walleye, bass, striper, white bass, and other species. While typically used in freshwater environments, these lures can hold up in salt water, too. And because they all come with razor-sharp Kitana Hooks, they never need sharpening and can work in any water.

Late fall and early spring are great times to reach for shallow-running crankbaits and squarebills. Use medium diving crankbaits when the water reaches 40-50 degrees and don’t be afraid to use them in deeper waters with clear water.

During the postspawn period, grab your deep divers. These baits dive down as much as 18 feet and can result in some physically demanding catches. These are heavyweight baits for heavy fish on long casts.

Make some noise with these rattling crankbaits

Rattles inside crankbaits help attract fish by making a lot of noise. The rattle gets attention in noisy water, at night, down deep, or just whenever the fish don’t seem as interested.

The rattles also help distribute weight and improve dive depths and buoyancy for many, like the XRM-series.

Check out the Ranger for the ultimate multispecies fishing bait

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