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Introducing the Reaction Strike Ranger

Patrol lakes and streams with a versatile sidekick

Ranger - Red Craw

Ranger – Red Craw

The Ranger has been hitting the water for a short time now. John C. messaged us to says it’s his “New favorite crankbait. I think I have used it on five of my last six trips.” Outdoor Life listed the Ranger as “one of the best new crankbaits for 2018”.

The best part about the Ranger is its versatility because of how it distributes weight to the rear. This makes for smooth, long casts and deep thuds on the retrieve.

It measures 2.75” (70mm) and dives 2-4 feet with two sets of razor-sharp Kitana Hooks. Even better, the texture of the lure body is designed to increase the vibration it emits underwater.

Purchase now for $6.99

The Extreme Rip Topwater (XRT) and Extreme Rip Pencil (XRP) are two more new baits coming soon to Reaction Strike. To know the minute they’re available, sign up for our email list below.

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