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  1. Kitana Hooks

Razor-sharp Kitana Hooks that never need sharpening

For better fishing, get the sharpest, toughest, and most-durable Kitana Hooks available

Anglers tired of broken, rusty hooks will love Kitana Hooks. Forged from sturdy steel, Kitana Hooks are chemically sharpened and never get dull.

  • Each of the six hook models are by people who know fishing.
  • You’ll enjoy the same durability as the pros.
  • Each hook is tempered to resist wear.
  • You’ll spend more time casting and reeling in your next trophy fish.

Available in six variations and in packs of six you’ll find a size and style for every tackle box.

  • Use Extra Wide Gap hooks for extra strength potential and hooking power on wide targets.
  • Aberdeen Light Wire Hooks are great for keeping baits in place when you drag them through cover.
  • Round Bend Worm hooks also work great in heavy cover, slop, lily pads, reeds, and mud.

From the Trophy Tech blog

Jason Lambert with a Heavy Metal Spoon + Kitana Hooks

When should you replace the hooks on your favorite bait?

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Scrounger and Jerky J Bass Fishing

All about scrounger jigheads and techniques for scrounger fishing

Scroungers are just jig heads featuring a flexible plastic bill that should be easy to bend by hand.  Other than having a quality hook, the bill material is the most important aspect of a scrounger. There are several scroungers available on the market, but some bill materials provide superior action and performance. Read more…

All Kitana Hooks are designed with ultra-sharp ends. A secondary hook is ready to catch on to the slightest jerk of your prey. You’ll find Kitana Hooks will stick at almost every angle, depth, and speed.

Kitana Hooks hail from Japanese design elements. They’re tournament-grade and feature either Knife Edge or Precision Point hooks.

  • Precision Point hooks have tempered edges capable of any load.
  • Knife Edge hooks have a sharp, piercing end designed for greatest penetration with the least amount of force.

Sold with nearly every Trophy Technology product, these hooks are now available as standalone packs. Now you can buy replacement hooks as good as the ones your swimbait came with.

If you’re serious about high-quality tackle, grab a pack of Kitana Hooks.

  • Six hook models
  • Chemically sharpened and never gets dull
  • Precision Point and Knife Edge variations
  • Tournament ready
  • Works great with most Trophy Technology swimbaits, jerkbaits, crankbaits, and more.
Kitana Hooks Package Logos


Kitana Dropshot Hook


Kitana Dropshot Hook


Kitana 6/0 EWG Hook


Kitana Neko Hook

3/0 OWG Hook

Kitana Oval Wide Gap Standard Hook


Kitana 5/0 EWG Hook


Kitana 3/0 Ned Rig Hook


Kitana Round Bend Worm Hook

Kitana Stagger Scrounger

Kitana Stagger Scrounger Jighead
Available in multiple weights. See your options.


Kitana Treble Hook


Kitana Wacky Worm Hook

These Stagger Scrounger Jigheads are made with a truly special kind of plastic on the bill. We’ve made them commercially available for the first time after Jason Lambert made them popular at Kentucky Lake.

Scott Head, Co-Owner, Trophy Technology

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