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Now shipping worldwide: The Castaic Cowboy

October 25, 2018

From the waters of north Texas

Castaic Cowboy Underwater Action

Sexy Shad

The Cowboy in Sexy Shad

At 4” long and weighing half an ounce, the Castaic Cowboy is a medium diving crankbait that can dive 2-6 feet underwater.

The bill is a bit rounder on the Cowboy than other baits. This lets it glide through heavy cover and weeds, over rocks, and through the mud without getting hung up. The rounded shape of the Cowboy also helps it tear through open water at blazing speeds.

There’s an internal rattle inside the Cowboy, which isn’t uncommon on crankbaits. But on the Cowboy, the rattle actually helps give it a wobble when you retrieve it. The loud noise and fast wobble make the Cowboy irresistible to hungry bass.

Purchase now for $6.29

More new baits coming soon

Ever since Jason Lambert crushed records at FLW’s Kentucky Lake tournament this summer we’ve been shipping Jerky J’s across the globe as fast as we can make them. But as proud as we are of our classic baits, there’s more coming including new colors for some old favorites.

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