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BD Baits / Crankbaits & Jerkbaits / BD Flashpoint Jerk Bait
BD Baits / Crankbaits & Jerkbaits / BD Flashpoint Jerk Bait

BD Flashpoint Jerk Bait


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The Boyd Duckett Flashpoint Jerkbait comes in 10 colors and 2 sizes. The BDJ 95  is 95 mm long and dives 2-4 feet. The BDJ 115 is 115 mm long and dives 3-5 feet. Both baits are neutrally buoyant. Bass will notice the BD Flashpoint Jerkbait suspended mid-water. This gives bass time to examine it and strike.

The BDJ 115 is slightly heavier, at 5/8oz. compared to 3/8oz. for the BDJ 95. Both baits feature razor-sharp, tournament-ready Kitana Hooks.

Raise gill plates and scales makes these baits ultra-realistic as bait fish.

To fish the BD Flashpoint Jerkbait, cast it far and reel in with a twitch, pause, twitch motion. Don’t be afraid to let it pause! You and the BD Flashpoint Jerkbait will mimic a dying shad. It’ll be easy prey for large predator bass.

The BD Flashpoint Jerkbait is well-suited for use in the spring and fall when bass are suspending and feeding on slow baitfish.

BD Baits is the only line of lures having true tournament quality Kitana™ Hooks and Split Rings right out of the box and state of the art quality lure materials and design.

Fish it over windy points, modest depths, open flats, and shorelines where bass gather to feed.

Features of the BD Flashpoint Jerkbait

  • BDJ 95 and BDJ 115 series models
  • Use a twitch, pause, twitch motion
  • Mimics a dying shad bait
  • Neutrally buoyant design
  • Razor-sharp Kitana™ Hooks out of the box

BD Flashpoint Jerk Bait 954″3/8oz2-4ft
BD Flashpoint Jerk Bait 1154-3/4″5/8oz3-5ft

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BDJ 95, BDJ 115


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