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Monster Bass / Hollow Body Monster
Monster Bass / Hollow Body Monster

Hollow Body Monster


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The Hollow Body Monster has a unique shape, sound, and movement. It’s unlike anything fish have seen. One cast with a Hollow Body Monster and you’ll notice fish can’t resist it.

It’s the combination of precise movement, weighted features, and life-like colors that draw ’em in. A collapsible body around the custom hooks deliver exceptional performance. It’s the collapsing body that behaves like living prey. The strike-to-catch ratios on this bait are twice as high as any other swimbait.

This bait is about catching monster bass, and a lot of them. Carefully weighted to sit at a 30-degree angle in the water, you can walk-the-dog retrieve with ease. The internal weights are molded directly to the hook shank. It never wiggles around, shifts, or comes loose. It’s as precise on the fiftieth cast as the first. The no-leak body never asks you to squeeze out water, either.

  • Looks like real prey
  • Great for targeting huge bass
  • Collapsible hollow-body design
  • Weighted to a 30-degree angle
  • No-leak body
  • Great for walk-the-dog retrieves

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