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Castaic / Jerky J Series / Jerky J Eels
Castaic / Jerky J Series / Jerky J Eels

Jerky J Eels

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It’s eerie how the Jerky J Eels feels and looks so much like a freshwater and saltwater eel. This soft plastic lure represents the next evolution of ultra-real baits. The uniqueness of the Jerky J Eel earned it EFTTEX’s “Best New Soft Lure” award in 2012.

Since most predatory fish are opportunistic feeders in most regions of the US, eels make up a largeportion of a big fish’s diet. At 7″ long, the Jerky J Eel is a deadly lure for large striped bass, zander, and European sea bass.

As you retrieve the Jerky J Eel, the patented HybriSwim technology replicates a snake-like motion.

The Jerky J Eel comes in a pack of four and is available in five exactingcolors. Pair with a Jerky J Jighead for a perfect presentation in the water.

  • Lifelike design, construction, colors, and swimming motion
  • Soft plastic body
  • 7″ long
  • Comes in a pack of 4

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