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Kitana Ned Rig Hook

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Forged from the toughest steel and crafted by professionals, Kitanaâ„¢ Hooks are the sharpest, toughest, most durable, tournament grade hooks available to swimbaits today. Designed with KNIFE EDGEâ„¢ cutouts or PRECISION POINTSâ„¢ that are chemically sharpened to catch on to the slightest jerk of your prey, Kitanaâ„¢ Hooks are guaranteed to stick.

Get maximum penetration with the least amount of force available today!

Watch more about Kitana’s razor-sharp Neko Rig hooks

10 reviews for Kitana Ned Rig Hook

  1. Michael Manning

    Michael Manning (verified owner)

    Kitana Hooks are the sharpest I have ever used. I have not lost a single fish since I started using these hooks. The 3/0 and 4/0 OWG hooks are my Go To on a lot of my creature style soft plastic baits.

  2. Gentry Appleget

    Gentry Appleget (verified owner)

    I own about every series of hook they make and unbelievably sharp. Also noticed how strong they are for not being thick. Very impressed.

  3. Jamey Jones

    Jamey Jones (verified owner)

    Just ordered the katana treble hooks for the 1st time and I’m really impressed with the sharpness of these. Actually caught a few fish on them today and haven’t lost one yet.

  4. (10)

    Michael A Miller (verified owner)

    Strong and durable, super sharp. Great quality.

  5. Christopher Taylor

    Christopher Taylor (verified owner)

    These are hands down the most sticky hooks I’ve ever used !!! Every crankbait topwater and jerk baits have kitana trebles and let’s just say be very careful when changing hooks, my fingers are still sore from all the times I got stuck lol.

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Ned Rig Hook

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Ned Rig Hook

In stock


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