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Musky Armor / Krisco & Krisco Jr.
Musky Armor / Krisco & Krisco Jr.

Krisco & Krisco Jr.


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The 10” Krisco and 7” Krisco Jr. are extremely durable and versatile shallow divers. They can be trolled, casted, twitched or even used as surface bait. Kriscos run 2-3 feet on the cast, troll to 4-5 feet, and are very buoyant. At the pause, it backs out of trouble on the rise.

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White Halo, Fire Tiger, Black Holographic, Chartreuse Belly Shad, Perch, Blue Shad, Sexy, Smalley, Tony Tiger, Sunfish, Walleye, Hitch/Sucker, Holo Perch White Belly


10" Krisco, 7" Krisco Jr.

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