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Monster Bass / The Patriot
Monster Bass / The Patriot

The Patriot


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The Patriot is the original Monsterbass lure that started it all. Two Kitana Hooks, one in characteristic Monsterbass red, provides unique side-to-side action. You’ll get more vicious topwater strikes with a single twitch of your rod tip with the Patriot than any other bait.

Why the red hook? A few casts with a Monsterbass bait and you’ll find predators drawn to the blood-red prey. You’re using nature’s instincts to your advantage by signifying a wounded victim.

The Patriot is available in six colors and great anywhere you’d use any walking bait. Throw it around the edges of weed beds, and walk it back-and-forth over shallow rocks. Fish it gently, though, because this bait’s design gives a side-to-side action all its own.

  • Two razor-sharp Kitana Hooks
  • Characteristic Monsterbass red front hook
  • Perfect for topwater fishing around shallow rocks and weed beds
  • Unique side-to-side action

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