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Reaction Strike / Soft Freshwater / Revolution Rat
Reaction Strike / Soft Freshwater / Revolution Rat

Revolution Rat


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Mice and rates are active around water and often swim which rings the dinner bell for hungry, opportunistic bass. The Reaction Strike Revolution Rat is the perfect imitation of a mouse or small rat. It has a very cool feature in its soft rubber tail, which is replaceable by simply twisting a new one on. It also allows you to change the color profile of the bait without buying multiple baits.

The Revolution Rat is so realistic and lifelike with such intricate details you will swear it’s alive. Perfect for twitching along the tops of pads and grassmats, it is extremely weedless, super soft for excellent collapsibility, and equipped with a razor sharp Kitana frog hook. A deadly alternative to the hollow-bodied frog, the Revolution Rat will produce some monster bass.

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Albino, Black, Field Brown

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